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Verizon Wireless

+20% monthly access discount on any price plan $34.99 or higher

Download the flyer for more details.

+20% off monthly services, including qualified voice & data plans
+Visit this website to enroll
Download the flyer for more details.
+20% off eligible monthly services
+Discounts on phones, aircards and accessories,

Download the flyer for more details.


+ 10% Monthly Discount on recurring charges. (Rate plans, text, & web)
*The discount applies to all lines on the account, not just the main number.
+No Contract Plans
+ Waived Activation Fees ($35/savings per line)
+ Free Express Shipping

Handset discounts are not available in stores. Call 866-464-8662 and select option 3 to sign up and save.
Staker Parson Promotional Code: 18473TMOFAV

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To enroll in this discount offer, complete the form below and email MCSAmigrations@t-mobilesupport.com if you have any other questions you can email our Advantage Program Rep at Hillary.udy@t-mobile.com