October 15, 2014

Project Name: Pancheri Overpass

Project Owner: City of Idaho Falls and Idaho State Transportation Department

Project Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Completion Date: November 2012

HK Contractors began work on the Pancheri Drive Overpass Project in May. The project entails a complete construction of a new overpass and related roadway and demolition of existing overpass and roadway.  The overpass bridges Interstate 15 on Pancheri Drive, which is a major thoroughfare for the Idaho Falls community. The overpass itself comprises full bridge construction including supports and abutments, ramp shoulders, girders, bridge reinforcement and deck, MSE walls and drainage systems.

HK Contractors is also responsible for installing utility items including storm sewer, sanitary sewer with 31 manholes and a lift station, water lines and a storm water drainage pond. The project also includes pedestrian pathways and sidewalks, intersection reconstruction with traffic signal installation, 41 approaches, illumination installation, topsoil placement and landscaping design.

Other specialty project items include the realignment of Pioneer Road, which previously ran adjacent to the overpass.  At the conclusion of this project, Pioneer Road will run underneath the overpass, parallel to the interstate, eliminating the previous intersection of Pancheri Drive and Pioneer Road.  HK Contractors also supervised residence demolition which was required to accommodate turn lanes at the Pancheri Drive/Skyline Drive intersection.

The most significant innovation used was a rolling stop strategy employed during the setting of bridge girders.  It was a requirement  that Interstate 15 remain at least partially open in both northbound and southbound lanes at all times during the project. HK Contractors and subcontractors determined the time needed to deliver and place each individual bridge girder.  Since traffic could not be completely rerouted off of Interstate 15 at any time, a joint collaboration between HK Contractors and subcontractors, Idaho State Police and Idaho Transportation Department devised the rolling stop strategy for traffic control.

The team’s collaboration allowed four nights of the rolling stops and 19 girders were placed. The process was very successful to safely maintain through-traffic on Interstate 15.

  • 73,800 cubic yards granular borrow
  • 11,400 tons asphalt
  • 3,833 feet storm sewer pipe
  • 563 feet sanitary sewer pipe
  • 10,102 square feed MSE retaining walls
  • 303,563 pounds rebar for metal bridge reinforcement
  • 9,300 lineal feet curb and gutter
  • 38,300 square yards topsoil
  • 302 trees installed

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