6 Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas

July 29, 2022

The thought of making changes to your backyard is typically followed by dollar signs and a bad headache. It’ll cost too much and it’s going to require more skill than you have, right? That might be the case, depending on the changes you’re looking for, but creating a quality space doesn’t have to be unreachable. With all our years of helping customers with their landscape projects, we can assure you that there are options for you that won’t kill your back or your budget.

  1. Unique Paths

A great way to break up your yard and allow for easy access to different segments of your property is by creating paths. That could be basic landscape stone, bricks arranged into pads or concrete steppingstones. Aside from the aesthetic, they’re also a great way to keep people off your grass or to cut down on what gets tracked into your home from your yard.

  1. Vegetation Barriers

If you’re looking to create separation in your backyard, permanent walls aren’t the only answer. Trees, or other dense foliage, are an easy way to accomplish the same thing, but with greater beauty. You could even plant bamboo, which has been used for ages to create natural walls. The options are plentiful, regardless of the effect you’re trying to achieve.

  1. Use Patterns

Patterns can really break up your backyard space with unique design elements. Staggered stepping-stones with natural lawn popping up between them provide balance and elegance. Hedges, placed in symmetrical patterns, can achieve this as well, while also providing foliage for a sparse property.

  1. Florals and Lighting

Adding pops of color and light to your backyard are staple landscape ideas. Various floral arrangements containing your favorite flowers or flowering plants are a beautiful touch. Potted, fruit-bearing plants and trees can work as well while giving you the flexibility of arranging them in various ways. If you’ve got access to electrical outlets, a few strings of lights draped in bushes or hedges, or along fences, are also a great touch. Even a few strategically placed tiki torches will work if electricity isn’t available.

  1. Garden Beds

For spaces that are plain and flat, raised garden beds will create elevation changes and allow for all kinds of vegetation. All you need is access to some excess dirt, soil fertilizer, and a trimming material (like wood or metal) so that you can create a barrier to hold the raised soil. Add a wheelbarrow, a shovel, and a rake, and you’re all set!

  1. Simple Grass or Stone

One of the easiest ways to landscape is to create variation with basic grass and stone. No matter what look dominates your backyard right now, separating those elements with turf or a colorful landscape aggregate is a quick way to make things pop. And if you get creative with the shape of those areas, you can even create interesting designs that make your backyard a piece of art!

Raising the bar with your background landscaping doesn’t have to be a crushing project. Sometimes all it takes is getting some inspiration from the things that you enjoy most. Paths, stone, flowers, grass, trees, and natural wood. Alone, they’re simplistic but used together in interesting ways, they can create an amazing space for you to enjoy. If you need help with ideas, or if you’d prefer to outsource the project instead of doing it yourself, give HK Contractors a call. We’ve spent years turning blank backyards into things of beauty!