MT ERFO NP Yellowstone Old Gardiner RD Emergency Repairs November 10, 2022

Since June, HK Contractors have worked tirelessly to rebuild the washed-out roadway and incorporate corridor improvements. This project consisted of reconstructing 4 miles of new road, excavating 80,000 cubic yards, and placing 33,990 tons of roadbase and 15,500 tons of HMA. Crews incorporated a 14,000 sq. ft stabilization wall, and a 21,000 sq. ft. soil nail wire mesh slope to ensure stability throughout the corridor. At peak performance, there were approximately 8 different companies with 100 employees working on different aspects of the project. This project was completed between July 11 and November 4. This corridor now provides connectivity from Yellowstone and Gardiner, Montana, and ensures safe passage for motorists traveling through the area.

Canyon to Tower, Phase III October 13, 2021

Canyon to Tower Phase 3 construction project consisted of reconstruction of 6.1 miles of the mainline.