River Rock – Round – Screened

Natural round river rock that comes from the ground here locally. Multiple sizes are available from ⅜” to 8″. Products are used for a variety of projects from drain rock to decorative landscaping.

Our “River Rock” products are all sourced and produced here locally. This line of products are screened to remove sand and size accordingly.

(See “River Rock – Washed” for information on products that have been processed through a water wash plant.)

Multiple product sizes available ranges between ~⅜” to ~8″.

Sold by the cubic yard or ½ cubic foot bag, and we offer special bulk pricing for large volume orders.

Available at the HK Contractors, Heyrend Pit, Landscape Center in Idaho Falls.


Product ID

#13004 – 6″-8″ Round River Rock (Large Cobble Stone)

#13104 – ⅜” Round River Rock

#13302 – ⅜”-¾” Round River Rock

#13403 – 1″ Round River Rock

#13502 – 2″ Round River Rock

#13601 – 3″ Round River Rock

#13801 – 2″-6″ Round River Rock


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