I-15, Rose IC to N. Lava Rocks

Project Type


Asphalt Paving





Owner: Idaho Transportation Department
General Contractor: HK Contractors
Start Date: Summer, 2023
Completion Date: Fall, 2023


Materials Used on Project and Quantities:

  • Cold Milling- 354,300 SY
  • Superpave – 122,400 Tons
  • Guardrail – 28,600 LF (removed and replaced)


Project Description:

The I-15 Paving and Guardrail Replacement project consisted of cold milling 354,300 SY, paving 122,400 Tons of Superpave, removing and replacing 28,600 LF of guardrail and resurfacing 4 bridge decks.

To minimize traffic impacts, this project required multiple traffic control configurations and phases. Work operations were confined between the hours of 10 pm on Sunday and 5 am on Friday. If lanes were still closed to the public, a $10,000-an-hour lane rental was assessed.

To complete the work within the time constraints, our crews ran the paving operations consecutively for 48 hours, utilizing 40-45 trucks. This tedious operation provided HK an opportunity to build a strong partnering relationship with the Idaho Transportation Department, as they worked closely together to ensure work was completed on time.

The team was awarded the 2023 Excellence in Construction Partnering award from the Idaho AGC and the Idaho Transportation Department. This award is given to those who have completed transportation projects across Idaho in a timely, professional, and responsive manner. Partnering requires crews to work seamlessly as a team by providing solutions, creating best practices and resolving issues at the lowest level.