Tips for Enhancing Your Property’s Curb Appeal

February 27, 2020

It only takes a matter of seconds for people to form a first impression when they are confronted with a new person or object. When you are presenting a property for sale, you want that first impression to be a good one. It can help determine whether people actually come in to view the rest of the house—or keep moving. Curb appeal refers to the view that people have of a piece of real estate from the street, or the curb. Boosting curb appeal—for example, adding mulch and flower boxes and repainting the front door—is also one essential step towards increasing the home’s appraised value. Find out what steps you can take to draw in potential buyers by sprucing up your house’s exterior below.

Transform your lawn into a lush oasis

A lush green lawn gives your property the appearance of a healthy oasis. The color green can also be soothing, as it’s shown to inspire feelings of cheerfulness and restfulness. A vibrant green lawn doesn’t grow on its own, however. You have to put in the lawn care effort. Start by addressing any bare patches, seeding them with fresh grass. Apply an herbicide to stop weeds and crabgrass from growing. A fertilizer will help the roots of the grass grow strong, ensuring they are able to soak up nutrients from the soil. Before you fertilize, however, aerate first. This creates holes in the grass, allowing oxygen, water, and fertilizer to more easily reach the roots below the soil’s surface.

Tend to flower beds, shrubs, bushes, and trees

With the grass taken care of, you can move on to tend to other greenery in your garden. Trim trees, bushes, and shrubs for an orderly appearance. If your flower beds are looking sparse, plant some fresh blooms. An easy way to make any front yard more orderly is to define the edging—the demarcation between the lawn and flowerbeds. There are many aesthetically interesting ways to create edging. You can use large rocks, stones, or bricks, for example, or even get a simple border fence made of wire. This last option is ideal if you’re pressed for time and need a fast and easy-to-install solution.

Hide unsightly elements with strategic landscaping

You may have elements in your front yard that aren’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing, such as a large air-conditioning unit. There’s no need to let these objects ruin your property’s curb appeal. Use landscaping tricks to make them less prominent. You can hide them behind a cover of dense hedges, for example, or create a small wooden shed around them. When it comes to putting your hedges to practical use, you can also use them to create more privacy between your property and the neighbors’—something that many home buyers value. Look for bushes that tend towards fast growth, such as Cherry Laurel, American Arborvitae, or Flame Amur Maple.

Add pops of color for a more welcoming look

Your garden doesn’t have to consist exclusively of the color green. You can also add sprinkles of color with flowers. Choose blooms that will thrive in your geographical climate. For example, tropical flowers include begonias, African tulips, and frangipani. These do well in areas where it’s hot and humid. If you live in a temperate zone, look for florals like rose, chrysanthemum, and Iris. In a hurry to boost curb appeal? Buy flowers that are already blooming and place them in planters on either side of the door. You can find colorful planters at low prices from budget retailers like Big Lots.

If the above tips are too daunting for you, you can always hire a professional gardener or landscaper to do the job for you. Either way, don’t neglect your yard when it comes to boosting curb appeal. If you’re going to sell a house, you want to maximize your potential profit. Paying attention to details like those described above will make a big difference.


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Guest Article: Clara Beaufort